Planet – “The Obsidian Spaceyard”

Navigational Designation: Valgerd IX
Atmosphere: Breathable Mix
Biosphere: No Native Biosphere
Population: Outpost
Tech Level: 4

“The Gateway to Valhallan Psi,” the Valgerd System is one of the only stable drill points into the sector. A astrologically active area of space, the four innermost worlds of the B Type star’s ten planets are unstable gas giants. Of the remaining six, three are scorched spheres crafted of a range of mineral riches and two have been shattered into gravitationally-interconnected asteroid clusters.

The sole exception in this chaotic system is the unusual world of Katla. Protected by a highly active magnetosphere, frozen deposits of gas escaping from under the planet’s crust have generated a human-range atmosphere. The world has comfortable ranges of oxygen and nitrogen, with the addition of a higher than average concentration of neon. Despite this breathable air, Katla has no natural life – the world is covered in a thick layer of dark molten glass.


During the Second Wave, Katla served as a vital Shipyard for the sector – as the Gateway to Valhallan Psi, Katla was the logical place to establish construction and repair facilities. Additionally, the world’s unusual surface drew a decent number of curious scientists, who established a selection of outposts across the world.

With the coming of The Scream, and the metaspace disruptions that cut off the Valhallan Cluster’s sectors from each other, Katla was abandoned by its inhabitants. Outposts were left derelict, and the Shipyard was locked down.

The Present

With the end of the metaspace storms cutting off the Valhallan Psi Sector from the universe beyond, a small contingent of explorers have returned to the system. While the Shipyard has not weathered The Silence well, the placid atmosphere of Katla has preserved the science outposts dotting it’s surface. It is from here that explorers will begin their journey into the Forgotten Skies of the Valhallan Psi sector, and learn about what has transpired in the nearly 600 years since The Scream.


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