The year is 3200. Almost 600 years ago, a metaspacial event known as The Scream shattered the universe. The Terran Mandate was destroyed, psychics were killed or driven mad, and the diaspora of mankind was on the brink of destruction.

At the same time, the worlds of the Valhallan Cluster were locked away within a series of metaspacial storms, making it next to impossible for the few remaining faster-than-light Spike Drives to enter the region. What was once a budding region of science and culture disappeared from the universal stage…

In the time since The Scream, mankind has clawed its way back to the stars. While the lack the brilliant Pretech of the lost age, they are once again on the ascent. And as they rise, the cloak that veils the Valhallan Cluster has been blown away…

And that’s where you come in. Eager to reconnect with the lost worlds of the Valhallan Cluster, a ragtag collection of explorers have travelled to the mysterious gateway world of Katla. From here, you can begin to take the first steps into a region of space that has laid silent all these years.

What will you do with an entire sector to explore, discover and exploit?

Forgotten Skies

GeekmasterTuck Forgotten skies